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  • Posted Fri at 5:09 PM by Ben Miller
        Now that we know all the cards Journey into Nyx is bringing in two weeks, what are you brewing?

    On to the links...

    Craig Wescoe is more than a little excited about what Journey into Nyx is bringing for White players.

    Conley Woods looks at what Journey into Nyx offers for G/B Dredge.
  • The Magic singles market had a new player take the field last month — actually a whole lot of new players.   On March 24, Deckbox announced it would open up the ability for its members to sell individual singles to buyers through the already-established trading interface. Long known as a place for users to trade their collections online, Deckbox is positioning itself to compete with TCG Player and Ebay as a go-to place for all online transactions.
  •     Hey guys, you might have noticed that this column has not been updated in a while. That's just what happens when school smacks you in the face — and it isn't pretty. I'd like to dedicate this article to Thomas Maddux, who turned to me and said: “Why haven't you written any more articles?” and inspired me to write this one.
  • Posted Wed at 3:28 PM by Ben Miller
        I was unable to post Monday, so this is a slightly longer than normal edition of Miller Time! Enjoy.

    On to the links...

    John Dale Beety looks at how Magic has dealt with real life religions.

    Reid Duke recaps his second place finish at Grand Prix Philadelphia last weekend.
  • Posted Wed at 10:24 AM by Jeff Hoogland

    Ever since late last year, I have been feeling kind of lost in my favorite format – Legacy. This jerk is to blame:

    You see, all these fair Blue decks in the format used to fold in a big way to one of my favorite cards:

    Sadly, this card does not kill a creature that has protection from me. This means that starting with the SCG Invitational in December last year, I began searching for a new Legacy deck I enjoyed playing. In Las Vegas, I played Deadguy Ale and in the few events following I sleeved up a Dark Depths Loam deck. Then, at the invitational in North Carolina I played a maverick style deck.
  • Tune in each and every Monday night to watch the stream on!Follow Jeff on the Meadery and on Twitter.

  • Episode 67: The Keyword to My Heart

    On this episode, Maria, Meghan, and Ben give you some insight into the difference between keywords, abilities, and mechanics. Keep in mind that they all just got done playing in a PTQ, so their brains are entirely fried. The team also dives into some juicy new Journey into Nyx spoilers and gives you some mnemonics to help you remember what the new Gods do. PLUS: a Dear Abby letter from a listener and Maria drunk dials your ex.

  • In his spoiler article for Mana Confluence, Luis Scott-Vargas wrote "I'm excited to see more of Journey into Nyx and am ready to welcome back an old favorite (and very impactful card) in my preview for this column next week!" What old favorite do you think he's going to spoil next week?
  •     The MaxPoint Silver/Grand Prix Trial at The Dork Den in Mankato, Minneapolis was a highly anticipated event for me. For the two weeks leading up to the event, I told everyone I thought would listen that “the top prize payout for this event is insane: 40 packs, a playmat, two author tokens, 20 maxpoints, and two byes to Grand Prix Minneapolis. It's gonna be huge.”