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Cardboard Junkies: Daddy Drinks Because You Draw Before You Untap

2:44 PM 08/05/14

Episode 30: Daddy Drinks Because You Draw Before You Untap Thank you for stopping by for this week's episode of Cardboard Junkies! This is our 30th episode, so we thought we would do something fun and talk about our biggest pet peeves in Magic. We are talking lands on top, putting miracles in your hand before you reveal them, and so much more. So join us as we pour out our feelings in this episode: Daddy Drinks Because You Draw Before You Untap. Follow Cardboard Junkies on the Meadery:
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10:51 am
not a fan of lands in front
10:53 am
Matt Buyens Oh, "Lands-on-top-guy"....jerk. Are your lands on the battlefield?!
11:58 am
Ian Anderson The "unhelpful criticism about my deck" bit strikes home for me. Yes, I'm aware I'm playing a dumb card. That's my right as a freedom-loving wizard.
12:50 pm
Ryan Lynch Can we add overly salty EDH players to this?
12:09 am
Curtis Hartman I hate children also.

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